You Are Not Alone. #NIAW


This week is National Infertility Awareness Week, and the tag line is ‘You Are Not Alone’. This is an interesting topic to choose because in this journey it is very easy to be alone and to feel alone. I think it’s an important message, and it’s not coincidence that it came from Resolve. Resolve and my peer-led Resolve support group have been one of the only points of light in the darkness of the last few years.

After my miscarriage in 2013, I thought I knew the ropes about having a miscarriage. But then 2014 came along, and I had a missed miscarriage. (first response – A missed miscarriage is a thing? Who knew?). I started doing research about taking misoprostol and while I found some great blogs, I really wanted to talk to someone in real life that had done it. A little Google-action led me to Resolve. In one of the few positive twists of fate there was a group meeting near me only a few days later! I messaged the leader and went to my first meeting.

That meeting was a game-changer in my infertility journey. No one at the meeting had used misoprostol, but hearing all of these courageous women share their experiences and supporting each other was amazing. They were so supportive of me too – a total stranger sobbing in someone’s living room. A few even contacted me that weekend to see how the misoprostol went. Since that day, so many of these women have supported me at meetings, with texts or emails, and in person. Our group leader answered phone calls from me at all hours during 2015’s miscarriage, and honestly she was the only person I thought to call.

Participating in this group hasn’t brought me a baby. Maybe it never will. But it has brought me a network of the strongest and most determined women I will ever meet. It has also brought me support from people who know exactly how I feel – and the value of that can never be underestimated. My hope for this NIAW is that other women who are fighting this battleĀ alone will reach out and seek support, possibly from a Resolve support group near them.


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