1st Appointment – Dr. Kwak-Kim

I had my testing appointment with Dr. Kwak-Kim on April 14th. I was at the office for 4.5 hours. They started off with taking ~20 vials of blood. I had to fast the night before, so luckily I didn’t pass out. My friend who saw Dr. KK recommended bringing crackers for after the blood test, which was a great tip! After the blood work, I had an abdominal ultrasound and a transvaginal ultrasound. Together they lasted about an hour. They tracked blood flow to ovaries and uterus, and measured a lot of things. My lining was 2mm and I had a 10mm follicle, so probably a ways away from my next period. After that I met with Margaret, the nurse practitioner. She reviewed my family history and fertility history and then did a breast exam. She also recommended a thyroid ultrasound, since I have some indicators of PCOS and I guess they are linked.

I did the thyroid ultrasound right away at their office, and they found a couple of small cysts. (From Google, I think these are also called nodules). Finally I met with Dr. KK. She went over all the reasons I could keep having losses. These were general reasons – genetic, endocrine, structural, autoimmune – until I get my test results back. She said with PCOS I should be eating a low-carb diet with protein:carbs at least 1:1. She said Metformin will depend on my test results – all of the RE’s I have seen have decided against it. For my thyroid, she said we will monitor the nodules and then see what my blood tests say. She said that I had low blood flow to my uterus, especially for early in a cycle. She recommended 400iu vitamin E and baby aspirin daily, even when not cycling. Without the rest of the test results, she couldn’t be more specific with a plan.

Overall it was a pretty depressing appointment. Just like a laundry list of things that are wrong with me that could be contributing to the losses. That’s what I have gotten from every Dr. I’ve talked to. Hopefully with the full test results she can give me a better idea of what to do next. Until then, I am eating carbs and living my life as ‘normally’ as I can.


One thought on “1st Appointment – Dr. Kwak-Kim

  1. I would love to hear what happened with your Dr. KK appt – I just had my follow up today! I’m at FCI too. If you could send me an email I can give you more details!

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