6th Beta.

I miscarried naturally yesterday. I was at work, which was not awesome, but it’s still a relief. I don’t have to take the misoprostol again and I don’t need a D&C. I collected the tissue and took it to the Dr.’s office, so maybe that will tell us something. They also did another beta and it was 101. Seems to be dropping more quickly this time around, so hopefully my body is healing. I go back in two weeks for beta #7. I also go in next week to meet with the Dr. and see if he has any brilliant theories.

In the meantime, my primary Dr. (not my RE) ran tests for lead, mercury, and arsenic, which were all negative. Seemed unlikely, but worth a shot. She also tested my liver function, thyroid, and vitamin D – all normal. No closer to finding out the reason for these repeated disastrous cycles. For now my husband wants to just table this whole procreation experiment and try to get back to being a semi-happy couple. That’s probably not a bad idea, since we’ve both been pretty miserable for about three years. It’s hard to let go of this goal/dream, but it would be even harder if this made us split up. It’s especially hard for me to exist without a plan in place, but I am going to try.


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