8dp5dt (FET) – HPT Hell

Here we are again. 8dp5dt. Quick recap of the cycle – I did 11 days of BCP, overlapping with the start of Lupron for 6 days. Continued on Lupron for 18 more days. Meanwhile started delestrogen injections every 3 days. We tried this instead of estrace or patches to thicken my lining since last FET I had some difficulty. First lining check was 7.3mm! Second lining check was 9.2mm! Transfer was scheduled for 1 week later and I started progesterone – Endometrin 3x daily plus 1cc PIO daily. 8 days before transfer I did an intralipid treatment. This was an IV intended to combat autoimmune issues. It took about 2.5 hours to do and I didn’t have any side effects except a little fatigue.

We decided to transfer 2 frozen blasts. We had done PGS on these embryos, and the embryologist said everything looked good after thaw. Transfer went fine. This Dr. has you stand up and go to the bathroom right afterwards, which made me nervous, but I got to take a Valium that morning which helped. I stayed home the day of transfer plus 2 additional days from work. The next two days were the weekend, so I just took it easy. Returned to work on Monday at 5dp5dt. I also started Lovenox on transfer day. Lovenox is a whole different animal for a different post, but so far we are not friends.

I couldn’t take the anxiety, so I tested at home 6dp5dt. Very faint positive! Tested again 7dp5dt and got a slightly darker line. This morning, at 8dp5dt, the line was roughly the same as yesterday. Tomorrow is my first beta.

Since transfer, I have had symptoms from the PIO. Mainly constipation. I always have this with PIO, so I started taking Metamucil several days ago. It seemed to be helping until yesterday. Last night I woke up with stomach pains and gas. Then I couldn’t really sleep. The last two nights I have also had night sweats and I feel warmer during the day. My boobs have been a little sore with large nipples, but this always happens to me from PIO. Otherwise as far as symptoms, I’m just a nervous wreck.

Then, this morning after getting to work, I had some cramping and pinkish spotting. This is the same day that I started spotting last BFP cycle, so I am really really freaking out. I am glad my 1st beta is tomorrow, but I know I won’t stop worrying for a long while yet. Positive thoughts and prayers from the universe are welcome.


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