IVF #3 (ER Only) – Quick and Dirty Summary

For ER #3 my priority was increasing the number of 5 day blasts, in order to do genetic testing (PGS). My new Dr. was on board with this plan, so we did estrogen and progesterone priming instead of BCP and then started stims. I started stims on October 14th, and stimmed for 9 days. This time I did both Follistim and Menopur. This was the first cycle that I did Menopur. No side effects, but the shot itself really stings! Maybe worse than Ganirelix. I had follicles that progressed very quickly, so I added Ganirelix on day 4 of stims. The Dr. also had me wait until several follicles were very large (I believe ~24mm) before triggering, in hopes that others would catch up. They wanted as many as possible to be over 18mm. This was a big difference from my previous IVFs, where we triggered with follicles reaching 18mm.

The retrieval was October 24th. They got 19 eggs, 15 were mature and fertilized, and 9 made it to blast (1 was a 7-day). We tested those 9 and 3 from our 1st IVF (transferred to new clinic). Of those 12, 11 were chromosomally normal. This is both very exciting and very terrifying. Hopefully we can find a new protocol that works for FET as well, since my last attempt had lining issues. All the embryos are frozen due to the PGS testing turnaround time.

Complications from retrieval were nausea (as usual, only this time I threw up), and a clot in the vein where I had my IV. That took several weeks to resolve. I also felt worse before and after the ER this time, likely due to more and larger eggs.


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