First Impressions.

This is from September 17th, so I have since gotten my schedule and started estrogen priming meds… the rest remains true.

New RE’s office does not get the first impression rose. So far all of the rumors are true. It feels like a cattle call. They have no idea who you are or what you’re doing. They seem to regularly forget meds, tests, and other vital information. They also guard your schedule like it’s the map to the fountain of youth. I have no idea why. They refuse to let me see my schedule. I should mention, I am currently mid-cycle and supposed to start medication today. I still have no idea what I am doing. This is 100% the most frustrating thing for someone with control issues that has already failed 2 cycles.

I am really trying to stay on top of things, but it is hard without know what things to stay on top of. When I scheduled my CD2 bloodwork, the nurse told me they would be doing additional testing for homocysteine levels and thrombophelia. They took 3 vials of blood instead of the normal 1, so I figured it was good to go. I then had my nursing consult on CD13. They didn’t have my chart (?!) so they told me to follow up with my original nurse about the test results. I did, and oops, those tests were never ordered. Awesome.

Cut to nurse consult. They gave me a preliminary schedule (hallelujah), but then I noticed that it had me on BCP for 6 weeks. I asked the nurse – doesn’t 6 weeks seem a little long for BCP since last cycle I only got 8 eggs? Her response – I thought you just started BCP this week? Um,no already been on it for 11 days, maybe you should write some of this down?!?! Also, she then wanted me to list off the number of eggs retrieved, mature, fertilized, etc from my last cycle. I GAVE YOU 200+ PAGES OF MEDICAL RECORDS! Shit. So then she calls the Dr. and decides that I am right, they should change my protocol. This is totally based on my question about 6 weeks of BCP. I am super-concerned that the Dr. has no idea who I am or what my cycles have looked like in the past.

Cut to yesterday, new CD1 since they had me stop BCP after only 2 weeks. The nurse asks me to confirm that I have received all of my meds, so that she can release the schedule to me. WHAT?!? I haven’t received any meds because I had no idea when I needed to start them. Thus, when the pharmacy didn’t call me, I didn’t know I needed to call them. Shit shit shit. So I spent a lot of yesterday calling back and forth to the nurse and the pharmacy, trying to sort this all out. STILL DON’T HAVE A SCHEDULE.

I guess you really don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. I hated a lot of things about the last 2 years, and about my old Dr., but not once did I feel like the nurses forgot something to do with my treatment. So far, I have felt that 3 times before starting any meds.



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