FeafactorliveEating live bugs? No problem. Doing a 3rd IVF cylce? Not nearly so simple. Today was CD1. Of course my reproductive system would choose now to have normal cycle lengths. Right when I am dreading starting the next leg of this triathlon, decathlon, whatever it is. I had to call the nurse today to discuss my options. Dialing the phone I literally felt my heart rate increase and I began to sweat. The nurse told me that I have to come in tomorrow for CD3 bloodwork, since actual CD3 is a weekend. She also told me that Dr. Kaplan bundles his patients, so his next “series dates” are around October 10th and December 8th-18th. This confirmed what I previously thought, I should really try to do something before December 1st for insurance purposes.

So, alas, here we go again. I have already spent several hours Googling IVF protocols and lengths of time to be on BCP. I need to stop the madness. I just don’t know how.



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