Next Step.

So I’m not feeling very jazzed about another IVF cycle. Part of that feeling is the fact that I don’t have a new Dr. To try and remedy that, we are meeting with most of the Drs. in the area. To out myself as a Chicagoan, we’re meeting with Dr. Kaplan at FCI (shout out to Bill & Giuliana), Dr. Miller at The Advanced IVF Institute, and Dr. Marsh at Northwestern. My previously unnamed Dr. was Dr. Sherbahn at Advanced Fertility. We are also doing the often endorsed phone consultation with Dr. Schoolcraft at CCRM (another shout out to B&G). Pro tip – due to some insurance/liability/licensing issues, this consult is free to residents of Illinois.

What does all this mean? First of all, it means that I get to fill out 3 new sets of new patient forms. Nothing is a worse stab to the fragile psyche than the questions of: How many pregnancies? How many live births? 2, 0 = FAIL. It also means that we have to think of all the questions we need/want to ask these Drs. I have spent a lot of time coming up with questions, follow up questions, and follow ups to follow ups. My husband’s plan? Ask them general questions and see what they say. Well I’m bringing my 4 pages of printed questions whether he likes it or not.

Hopefully one of these Drs will speak to me (like, on an emotional level or something because they all had better literally speak to me). Then I will have some new-found direction, and the clouds will part, and rainbows and sunbeams blah blah. Something is going to need to happen to convince me to try again. Right now, I can’t imagine what that ‘something’ will be.

(Bonus TMI info: after a 45 day cycle following my miscarriage, I had a 21 day cycle. WTF hormones?)


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