CD1 (& Updates).

Today is CD1. It’s been 6 weeks and 3 days since I took the Misoprostol (Cytotec). I had a WTF phone consult with the Dr. last Thursday and she prescribed Provera, so I’m relieved that I didn’t need to take it. I couldn’t remember how long it took to get my cycle back after my last miscarriage, but the Dr. said 4-6 weeks after Misoprostol is the norm. I had my final beta last Tuesday and it was zero.

I also never updated with my genetic testing results. Both embryos were determined to be chromosomally abnormal. They couldn’t determine a specific issue, just ‘multiple chromosomal abnormalities’. They said it was more difficult to determine since the tissue was mixed together and since it was so early. These results were difficult for me to process. I had assumed that my issues were related to implantation or lining thickness, but now I’m confused. Do I have those issues too? What do I do now? The Dr. didn’t shed much light on the situation. She just recommended PGS for a fresh cycle and PGS of my already frozen embryos if I want to do FET.

I had a lot of testing done when I got a 2nd opinion, so I am getting copies of those results. That way I can send all of my records from both Drs to my potential Dr. #3 candidates. The thought of starting from scratch at a new office makes me very anxious. One step at a time, I guess. On a slightly hopeful note, CCRM just published really impressive results for under 35 with CCS genetic testing. I am thinking of trying to schedule a phone consult with CCRM or ORM in Portland – just to explore all of my options.


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