My Misoprostol Miscarriage Experience.

As I mentioned in my previous post, several other women have been kind enough to post their experiences online. Many of these experiences took me into the weekend terrified of what was going to happen. I actually found the most accurate representation of what happened to me so far to be from the Red River Women’s Clinic Resource that I posed previously. In an attempt to pay it forward I want to post my experience.

**Warning to anyone who is reading this – there will be some graphic descriptions to follow. You probably don’t want to read on unless you are going through this yourself.**

Saturday morning I woke up at 7am. Per the advice of online women, I decided to start the process with a clean house, so I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom first thing. This is very good advice! Then I picked up the remainder of my supplies. The supplies I had ready to go were ginger ale, saltine crackers, microwaveable rice heating pad, plenty of overnight maxi pads, clorox wipes, and every Chris Hemsworth movie available in Redbox. Also, per online advice, I bought a mesh laundry bag. One woman suggested using this over the toilet to catch any ‘products’ and since I was going to collect mine to bring in for testing, this suggestion was a great one. Thank you, internet! Here is a timeline of my experience so far.

Saturday 9:30am- I took (1) Tylenol-3

10am- I used the (4) 200mcg Misoprostol pills. These were inserted vaginally.

11:45am- Started feeling mild cramps.

2pm- Started bleeding, passed 1st clots, medium cramps.

2:15pm- Cramps getting worse, took (1) Tylenol-3, used rice heating pad from here on.

4pm – Passed most of the tissue. This was grey and hard, not like the surrounding blood clots.

6:15pm- Took (1) Tylenol-3, Passed more tissue. I think this was one of the gestational sacs, it was small, round, and hard.

10:15pm- Took (1) Tylenol-3.

11:30pm – Went to sleep. Only woke once at 3am, not much bleeding, passed some small clots.

Sunday 7am – Woke up, called Dr. to ask when to bring in tissue. If you are collecting tissue at home, be sure to ask if it should be refrigerated and when you should bring it in.

8am-noon- Felt relatively normal with light bleeding, ate breakfast, took a shower, even went downstairs to throw in laundry. This was a mistake, definitely overdid it. Needed to nap from 12-2.

Sunday afternoon & evening- Tired with mild cramps and light bleeding. Took (1) more Tylenol-3 before bed to sleep through cramps.

Monday morning- A little heavier bleeding, but that could be because I resumed normal activities. Dropped of tissue at Dr.’s office, they also took blood to send to the lab with the sample. Today I do feel like my cervix is a little irritated. I am scared that something is stuck in there, but I don’t have a fever or any pain, so I will just keep an eye on things. Hopefully all tissue passed. The nurse said they will call me this afternoon with instructions about when to come back for a follow up. The worst of the pain and bleeding so far was 2pm-10pm Saturday.

If this worked completely, which is TBD, then the pain was definitely manageable with the Tylenol-3. I could tell when it had been about 3.5 hours, so I was always ready to take another dose at 4 hours on the dot. Things I found helpful were: 1. The microwavable heating pad since you don’t have to plug it in. 2. The mesh bag since it saves you from having to collect tissue out of the toilet. I found it was best to rinse it after each time you use it. Then wipe down the whole area with Clorox wipes. 3. A good support person. My husband was out of town, so my mom stayed with me. It was nice to have someone to heat the heating pad, get me water, etc. Also, it’s safer to have someone there in case of emergency.

I will follow up as things unfold, but that describes the 48hours after using the Misoprostol. If you are about to go through this, I’m sorry and good luck. Make sure to rent Thor and Thor 2. 🙂

Edited to Add: This is the testing company my Dr. uses for the tissue. There is more info on here about the collection and testing:


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