Taking the Bull by the Horns. (Misoprostol Miscarriage)

8w6d “pregnant” – Went to the Dr. yesterday for an ultrasound. She saw both gestational sacs still hanging out. The larger one was measuring 4w5d, so slightly smaller than 2 weeks ago. She also saw pools of blood, but there have been no signs of them coming out. I’ve decided to do the Misoprostol (Cytotec) this weekend. The Dr. prescribed 800 mcg vaginally, and Tylenol w/ Codeine. I had a very hard time finding official medical information about what’s going to happen to me. The Dr. just said that I will likely get intense, but short-lived cramps. Great.

I found two blogs with detailed explanations of what happened to some other ladies. I will put the links at the bottom of this post. (Thank you to these ladies for sharing their stories). There are also a ton of comments to these posts with other peoples’ experiences. I read them for hours yesterday and managed to scare myself to death. I have determined that I will either experience strong cramps and heavy bleeding that can be managed with a heating pad and watching some movies or I will hemorrhage and bleed to death. Sounds like a great weekend ahead. Complicating matters further is that DH will be out of town Thursday-Monday and all advice says: Don’t do this alone! You might die! Write down your blood type for when the ambulance has to cart you away! So my mom and I get to have some awesome miscarriage-bonding time.

If you are looking for information about Cytotec and stumble upon this blog, I’m really sorry that you are going through this too. Being a lady is no great shakes sometimes. If it helps, I did find a useful ‘What to Expect’ guide that’s targeted toward people using this drug for an abortion. If you can get past all the references to selective abortion, there is useful information there too. I will link that website as well. I’ll update with my experiences after the weekend is over, in case some poor soul wants to read this in the future. Here are what I found to be useful links:




(Bonus super scary statement from that last reference: Call the Dr. if you have clots for more than 2 hours that are bigger than lemons. WHAT?!? Smaller than lemons for many hours? Cool. Larger than lemons for 2 hours? Cool. This is terrifying. Keep me in your thoughts.)

(I should note, I only mention ‘getting past references to selective abortion’ because people using this drug for miscarriage might be saddened or offended. If you find these links for that purpose, hopefully they will help you as well in whatever situation you are in).


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