Misoprostol, D&C, and Natural Miscarriage (Lions, Tigers, and Bears…)

7w6d “pregnant” – After some promising bleeding Saturday morning, this miscarriage has stalled. We’re talking nothing, no spotting, no bleeding, yesterday I actually had some EWCM (what the hell uterus?) I called the Dr. yesterday as instructed, since it had been one week post-diagnosis. The nurses were incredibly unhelpful. They said Dr. recommends D&C (I’m sure he does – $$). If I choose to wait, I should call them in a week if nothing has happened or before that if I get a fever. They refused to give me a time frame about how long I’ll be allowed to wait. They said I can also use Misoprostol (Cytotec), but to be aware it can cause extreme cramping and still result in a D&C. For now I’m waiting. We’ll see what kind of patience I have a week from now. I didn’t realize that the diagnosis wasn’t going to be the end of the limbo/waiting.

Of course there is still a part of me that thinks maybe there’s been some miracle and there is actually a baby in there. If that’s true, I hope this baby likes NyQuil because I’ve been taking it like candy for a horrible cold for the last week.


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