IVF #2 – Quick and Dirty Summary

I’ll  save anyone the suspense – I am having another IVF miscarriage. Here’s how things went down this time. I did the same protocol – BCP for 3 weeks, Follistim, Ganirelix, HCG trigger. Dr. felt miscarriage last time was “bad luck”.

ER – Only 8 eggs (bummer). Only 5 mature and 4 fertilized (even bigger bummer). All 4 made it to 3 days, so we moved onto 5-day transfer.

ET – Only 2 made it to 5-day blast (4BC & 2BC – yuck). Transferred both.

Planned on waiting until 9dp5dt beta, not testing at home. At 8dp5dt started brown spotting. Tested that day and got a BFP. Also got a BFP morning of beta.

Beta #1 (9dp5dt) = 289. Beta #2 (13dp5dt) = 1175. Beta #3 (17dp5dt) = 2289 (Doubling time of 100 hours, 72-96 is ideal).

19dp5dt had red spotting with small clot. 21dp5dt woke at 3am with worst cramps of my life. Called Dr. and they had me come in for early ultrasound, this was 5w5d. One gestational sac seen not developing, another sac seen with yolk sac and fetal pole. Correct size for 5w5d. Scheduled to come back at 6w5d. That afternoon had gushes of red blood. Dr. said it could be from ultrasound irritating cervix or related to that morning’s cramping.

6w5d ultrasound – Saw same small gestational sac and larger gestational sac, only now the yolk sac and fetal pole were gone. Larger sac surrounded by large pool of blood with clots. Dr. said “nothing good in here” (how compassionate). Skipped progesterone shot that night – done with meds. Dr. said “bad luck”. I refuse to believe that I would have two miscarriages at 6 weeks with 5-day blasts due to bad luck. I think Dr. M must be on to something with the clotting issues.

6w6d – Some streaky blood. Waiting to miscarry.


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