Christmas for the Un-Merry.

broken ornament

As I’ve mentioned, my EDD with baby B was Christmas Day. While it may seem to some that a 6 week pregnancy that ended 6 months ago should be old news, it just isn’t. I’ve been dreading Christmas since April 30th to be exact. This has been exacerbated by the continual debate between the husband and I about how to deal with the holiday. My plan: leave town. His plan: act completely normal, change nothing. He won. We’re staying in town and attending all regularly scheduled Christmas events. This sounds downright awful to me, but I chose to skip yet another argument about it.

I draw the line at additional Christmas-y activities though, which is why today I had to write an email to my mother-in-law explaining my specific anti-Christmas sentiments. Some people don’t take a hint. I first claimed to be busy, but she and my sister-in-law proceeded to interrogate my husband about my exact whereabouts on the dates in question. Finally I decided to fill them in – I am not in the mood for Christmas, please leave me alone. I really hope this does the trick. Otherwise it’s going to be a long 6 weeks.

I actually sent them this link, which I think explains a lot to family and friends:


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