Now on to other words we can’t pronounce. I got the bulk of my test results back from Dr. M. Long story short he found three things “wrong” with me. Upon much MUCH googling, I’m not really sure now much they actually matter, but that’s another story. What he determined was wrong was that I am MTHFR homozygous, have high natural killer (NK) cells, and have antiphospholipid antibodies. Woa, right? From the nurse and internets, I gather that the first requires an alternate form of folic acid. This one seems the most “real” per Dr. Google.

The 2nd seems the most controversial, and the nurse said that any treatment would be considered experimental and not covered by insurance. From what I’ve read the presence of NK cells in your blood stream may not indicate the presence of them in your uterus, so who knows. Also, NK cells can be elevated if you have an infection, and lo and behold I found out I have an ear infection shortly after this testing. Before doing any treatment, I would definitely want a re-test.

The 3rd appears to be related to blood clotting. Apparently, for people with these antibodies who have had multiple miscarriages between 6-12 weeks, treatment with blood thinner can help prevent recurrent miscarriage. Dr. M recommends treatment with Lovenox for this, but that seems pretty aggressive to me. That’s a pretty serious drug for something not totally agreed upon by science. Also, might be a bit premature with my one, 6-week loss.

I also had the FemVue procedure done by Dr. M. Despite having a hysteroscopy at Dr. RC and a saline sonohysterogram at the 1st Dr., Dr. M wanted to repeat this for himself. I had that done last Monday, and he said everything looked perfect. It was more painful than the other two procedures, as far as I can remember. It was very quick though, probably 5 minutes.

We met with Dr. RC to discuss options, changes, etc. We told him about our results from Dr. M and he literally said, “I didn’t know he was crazy.” Professional, right? It definitely came off pretty immature and defensive. I mean, any Dr. should accept the fact that his patients will seek a second opinion if treatment isn’t working. Basically, he thinks we should just try the same thing over again. He wouldn’t really change the protocol or anything. Lots to think about before we start the next round.


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