IVF Protocol Coin-Flip.


So the big decision between Drs. appears to be between IVF protocols.  Dr. M said that he would never use Ganirelix protocol for PCOS patients because he feels that the elevated LH levels have too much influence on the egg/embryo quality. At least I think that is his rationale. He prefers long-Lupron to ensure adequate suppression. This carries with it a risk of OHSS. Dr. RC feels that the risk of OHSS is too high for young PCOS patients with high antral follicle counts using long-Lupron protocol. He recommends using the Ganirelix protocol again, despite my failures so far.

My husband seems to agree with Dr. RC – he doesn’t want to risk OHSS if we don’t have to. I am not sure how I feel so far, except that we haven’t had success yet, so emotionally I want to change something. From their success rates, it appears to be a coin flip. Both have success with their methods. Scientifically, I can’t find enough data to convince me either way. This will probably some down to a game-time decision when we have to start the next cycle.



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