Good News?

I got back the test results for TSH and 2-hour glucose analysis (sort of). The TSH came back 2.56. I’ve had this test done 4 other times in the last 2 years, with results of 3.84, 1.14, 2.32, and 2.75. Dr. M wants the level below 2.5, but he said that 2.56 is close enough to not require synthroid. The nurse told me twice that my glucose level was 105, which she said is borderline. From Dr. Google, it seems this must be fasting glucose level (not 2-hour). Dr. M felt that this was acceptable and won’t require Metformin. I want to ask the nurse for the exact results though, since this is a little confusing.

I guess this is good news? I wish both were definitely good, and not borderline. These results seem to add more ?s than answers. The karyotype results take at least a week, and the autoimmune panel, thrombophelia panel, and prolactin level are tomorrow morning. Tests, tests, and more tests!


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