It’s just like Hi-C (but not Ecto Cooler).

Ecto Cooler

Just finished my 2-hour glucose tolerance test, at the request of new Dr. M. Also had blood drawn for karyotyping and TSH re-test. That made 6 vials of blood after fasting – also known as, the closest I’ve come to passing out in awhile.

The test isn’t really too bad. You show up at the office (usually in the early morning) and they take your blood. You have to fast for 8 hours prior to the test. Then they give you a plastic bottle of thick orange liquid. It’s just like a super syrupy orange hi-c. They keep it chilled, and it’s actually not too terrible. For the 2-hour test, the bottle contains 75 grams of sugar(!), and you have to drink it in 5 minutes. Then you wait 2 hours and they re-test your blood. I felt a little nauseous for the first hour after the test, but not too terrible. The worst part was that the office was very very cold and I didn’t have a sweater for the wait. The nurse said that I should expect test results Monday or Tuesday.


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