We met with Dr. M last Sunday. The first thing he said is that he felt our main issue with the failed IVF and FET was embryo quality. What to the what? We have never heard this from Dr. RC – in fact when we asked him about that specifically, he said that ‘sometimes the worse looking embryos make babies’. One discrepancy between the offices is that Dr. M (and IVF clinics) use an A-C rating, whereas Dr. RC uses A-D. So our CC embryos are not quite as bad as they appear by their rating. They are, however, borderline, and all we have left is CC embryos.

In addition to the poor embryo quality, he is concerned that I have insulin resistance issues and borderline hypothyroid. Both of these are strange considering my extreme difficulty gaining weight, but they are also things that I have asked Dr. RC about and he was unconcerned. Dr. M said that he recommends a 2-hour glucose tolerance test, a repeat TSH test, genetic karyotyping for me and DH, as well as immunology testing and clotting testing for implantation issues. In other words, much much more aggressive than Dr. RC. These are all tests that I have asked about in the past, that Dr. RC felt were unnecessary.

Dr. M has slightly worse success rates (56% of retrievals, 70% of transfers versus Dr. RC 61% of both). These numbers imply that Dr. M cancels more cycles, which makes sense if he is stricter about the embryo quality. DH and I left the office totally confused. We asked Dr. M flat out if we should do another FET and he said he wouldn’t, especially not until we do the other testing. He admitted that Dr. RC is also very good, and that we should ask him about these suggestions if we decide to stay with him. Right now we are leaning toward a fresh cycle with Dr. M. His aggressive approach might fit my personality better than Dr. RCs ‘repeat the same procedure and hope for the best’ approach.

Dr. M also recommended CoQ10, calcium, vitamin D, Pregnitude, and DHA for me and Proxeed for DH. These equal big bucks, but we’ll probably take them for the next 3 months or so.


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