New Patient Forms = Depressing.

DH and I are checking out a new Dr. for a ‘2nd’ opinion (really like a 6th opinion at this point). It will be our 3rd RE in as many calendar years. Let’s call this one Dr. Mall as his office is located near a large shopping complex. We can call old RE Dr. Roller Coaster, as he is conveniently located near an amusement park – handy for your back-to-back IVF & tilt-a-whirl plans. We haven’t totally given up on Dr. RC, but it never hurts to hear some other theories about what ails you.

Dr. M sent me a packet of new patient forms. Filling them out today led to that depressing moment when your history of fertility procedures is longer than the allotted space. Even writing very very small, 4 IUIs, 1 IVF, and 1 FET cannot fit in the tiny space allowed. This space is obviously intended for that person that writes ‘my OB/GYN prescribed me Clomid once.’ For other IVF-ers on the internets, it was very hard not to write BFN under ‘Outcome’. I realized at the last second that ‘big fucking negative’ might not belong in my medical records.

I have heard mixed reviews about Dr. M. The most negative being that everything he does is a money-grab. The most negative review about Dr. RC is that he’s borderline on the Autism spectrum and cannot talk to people. I for one like his no-nonsense demeanor, so that’s not a huge negative for me. Money grabbing on the other hand would be a downside. RE #1 seemed way into money grabbing. Her IVF success rates were among the worst in the state, so we had to get outta there before any treatments.

I’m not really expecting anything life altering to come out of this meeting, but I’m curious what a new medical professional thinks about the last 2+ years. Our appointment is Sunday morning – here’s hoping it’s over in time to watch football.


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