It’s Official, Beta = Negative.

The Dr. just called to confirm what I already knew. Negative. They said I should get CD1 within 5-7 days, and then I should call for BCP for the next frozen cycle. Hold up – what? Are they on crack? I am definitely not going back-to-back FETs after a miscarriage. Do they want me to have to be committed to a psychiatric facility?

I made my WTF appointment for October 24th. Yup, that’s 7 weeks out. In Dr.’s defense, I did turn down October 10th, but still. Sheeiit, that’s a long wait. Not like I was planning to do anything before then anyway. I also made an appointment with a new RE on September 29th. Just for a 2nd opinion and advice. We’ll see which of the two meetings sways me into trying the next fresh cycle with them. How exciting (gag). All in all, this year continues to suck royally.


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