6dp5d FET = BFN.

So I committed the cardinal 2WW sin and tested early. My rationale: last cycle (my BFP), I got a BFP on 5dp5dt. It was a squinter that you had to hold under just the right light, and my husband didn’t really see a line until 6dp5dt. So this time I waited until day 6. Nothing. Pure white strip. I actually managed to convince myself this morning that there might be something on there, but my husband says absolutely there is not. He is willing to concede that it might still be too early, but not that there is anything on that strip.

So now, I wait. Even more depressed than I was pre-testing. This is why they tell you not to POAS, people. Potentially unnecessary depression. My beta is in 3 days, so now I have to wait until then. I’m sure I will test everyday though, let’s be serious, I possess little to no willpower. As for other symptoms, I have none, except slight nausea brought on by worry. I am trying to convince myself that since my first beta was so high last time, I might have gotten a positive test earlier than normal. Also, obviously, my last pregnancy is not the gold standard to which you want to hold all pregnancies, so different may be good.

So that’s the latest. Positive vibes from the interwebs are appreciated.


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