2WW (Actually 9dW)

Mr. Worry

Can we change this to Ms.? I forgot the feelings that go into the 2ww. The overwhelming thought that every little thing I do is in some way ruining everything. But I should back up…

On Tuesday we transferred two of our frozen embryos. They were thawed on Tuesday morning and 90% and 80% of the cells survived. My clinic considers 60% or better to be viable, so they were happy with those. The picture they gave us pretty much looked like two blobs of cell clumps. Compared to the beautiful and textbook 5-day blast we used last time, these looked very different. I have no idea how thawed out 5-6 day blasts are supposed to look though, so they could be exactly right.

The transfer morning was interesting. We decided to do acupuncture on site this time, so we arrived 50 minutes early to meet with the acupuncturist. She was a very nice woman in her early 50’s – had a very calming maternal presence. We did the pre-transfer treatment and were done by 10:30, as instructed. Unfortunately, the clinic was running late. Very late. Which is super fun when you’ve been instructed to have a full bladder by 10:30. We played the ultrasound and pee in a cup game until my transfer at noon. The transfer was uneventful. Dr. was stressed from running behind, but still joked around with us. Went back to the recovery room for round 2 of acupuncture. Also did Reiki, which was certainly interesting. It reminded me of the Grey’s Anatomy episode where they brought in a Hmong Shaman.

After an hour of rest, we went home, and I rested the next 24 hours. Dr. said I could go to work Wednesday, but I took off and relaxed. The one snafu – I walked the dog Wednesday afternoon, as part of resuming normal activities – and another dog lunged at us. Jake pulled really hard on his leash, which freaked me out a lot. My heart was beating super fast, so I went in and lay down for the rest of the day/night. Hopefully that incident didn’t affect anything, but at this point I worry about a hangnail spooking the embryos.

Today I’m at work, trying to keep my mind busy. Last time, I tested way early, like 3dp5dt. This time I had a full 10,000 trigger shot, so I can’t really test until Sunday or Monday at the earliest (5-6dp5dt). Not sure if I will or not. I definitely will the morning of the beta if I haven’t before that (9dp5dt).


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