Party Time. Excellent.


Met with the Dr. himself this morning. As usual, waited an hour in the waiting room watching Netflix on my phone – good thing Dawson’s Creek is streaming. The Dr. did an ultrasound and measured the lining in three places , ranging 6.8mm to 7.6mm. He said that I have more variation in thickness than most women, but he is comfortable with the 7.6mm measurement and recommends going ahead. He said we could cancel, but he doesn’t think we would have better chances by starting over. So we’re back on.

I have mixed feelings about this, but DH and I decided that if we’re not listening to the Dr’s recommendations, then why are we traveling an hour a way to see him? Best to go with his expertise and give this a try. The transfer is scheduled for next Tuesday, 8/27. Lupron for 2 more days, then switch to the much reviled IM progesterone on Wednesday. Also reducing Estrace to 1mg/day and doing the HCG trigger on Wednesday. Away we go.


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