Guinea Pig.

So now my cycle is semi-uncancelled. The Dr. wants me to stay on the 2mg/day vaginal estrace and 5IU Lupron until Monday, when he can ‘see things for himself’. He is so confused by my lining issues that he wants me to come back to actually do the ultrasound himself. I have never even seen him set foot in the ultrasound areas, he’s like the wizard of oz, so this should be interesting.

I am fairly certain this is a fact-finding mission and there is not actually any hope of salvaging this cycle, but I guess it’s good that he’s getting more involved. It’s never a good thing to be the unexplained case at a fertility clinic. Also not good to be taking extra drugs as an experiment – like a lab rat. At this point I’m just excited to hear what the actual Dr. has to say – straight from the Dr. himself.


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