More Waiting.

The RE decided to keep on keeping on. No change to my meds, just wait another week and hope the lining thickness is improved. As previously mentioned, patience isn’t one of my best attributes. I’m trying to remain hopeful and not jump to worst case scenarios in my mind, but it’s a struggle.

I feel like I’m more and more isolated lately in dealing with all of this. DH is often out doing things, and I have managed to push most of my friends to a comfortable distance. Both of these things has led to many nights home alone with the dog, pondering the meaning of life. Never a good way to spend a Friday night when you’re in the throes of IF. I don’t know how to ‘get back out there’ in the friend department. It’s been more than 3 months since my m/c, so my friends have definitely moved on. But I haven’t. I know it’s unfair to expect them to still think about how I’m feeling, but I really wish that they would. Even just a quick call or text to check in would be appreciated. I think that 30-years of playing the strong and together woman who doesn’t need help from anyone has finally caught up to me. My therapist thinks that I should reach out to friends and try to get together, but I think that going out for drinks and ordering a shirley temple doesn’t sound much better than binge-watching dawson’s creek on netflix.


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