The Neverending Lupron.

I was spoiled by my fresh cycle (can you be spoiled by IVF?) because I didn’t do a long Lupron protocol. I did 3 weeks BCP then right to stims. For this FET, I feel like I’ve been on Lupron forever. It’s actually been 19 days. But I still have 13-15 days left! So many days of Lupron. And that is after 3 weeks of BCP. I am up to 4 estrogen patches, but so far this brand appears to be agreeing with me better than the generic, which gave me large itchy rashes. I don’t go back to the Dr. until next Wednesday, and then it’s for a status check.

In seemingly unrelated news, I think I may have an ear infection. I have not had an ear infection in approximately 26 years, but my right ear feels clogged and I keep hearing swishing sounds. If it still feels this way next week I may be forced to go to a Dr. that doesn’t conduct all exams with a probe. Hopefully said ear infection (?) doesn’t interfere with my cycle at all.


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