The Rarely Discussed Downside to IVF.

So everyone knows that IVF is a drag. You have to take a bunch of drugs, give yourself tons of shots, go to the Dr. nearly everyday, etc. etc. But the part of the process that really has got me down right now is no caffeine. Let me reiterate the reality of that sentence. No. Caffeine. As your standard American office worker, I pretty much rely on coffee to become a productive member of society. Without coffee I gaze wistfully out the window or let my eyes glaze over with the same thing on my computer screen for an hour. It’s the memory of how much my caffeinated self could accomplish that is really angering me about FET – that and the looming daily shots which will start on Saturday.

Before this IF ‘situation’ took over my life, I was pretty proud of my career. Moving up in a small company, focused, successful – a thoroughly modern woman. Now, decaffeinated and still pretty much a hot mess following the M/C, I’m a pretty good argument for keeping women out of the workplace. It’s hard to negotiate for promotions, raises, and equality when the summary of my professional 2013 could be – misses work frequently and with little notice. I am very lucky to have an understanding boss, who has been extremely accommodating to my hot-mess-ness, however I can’t help but feel the slightly sexist judgement every time I have to miss work (again). And you have to assume that judgement will catch up with me when it comes time to move this ‘ol career along.


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