And So It Begins.

Like a 13-year old girl in gym class, writing into Teen magazine, I was caught totally by surprise by AF. It was CD48 if you count CD1 as the first day of M/C (I’m not sure what protocol for that is). I was assuming nothing would happen on it’s own, but it did, and of course it was the weekend that I was standing up in a wedding. Damn you, AF. Like I do when anything happens, I called the Dr. They said I could start BCP for the FET cycle or wait until I get the next AF. Considering that may or may not ever happen, I decided to seize the day – FET it is! The nurse immediately launched into the dates and meds and schedules and I immediately began hyperventilating. What am I doing to myself? And so soon? Yikes.

So we’re currently a go for launch – tentative date is August 14th. I have my list of meds and know when to start them. One bonus to an FET cycle so far is that you only have to go to the Dr. about 5 times, as opposed to the 10+ for IVF. One downside to having this scheduled is that I’m now a huge ball of anxiety. In the last four days, I’ve convinced myself that I have lead poisoning, toxic shock syndrome, strep throat, and pink eye. There is a good chance I have none of these things, but both my OCD and hypochondriac-sim rear their ugly heads when I am under duress. Combined with the reality of doing an FET cycle, my job is crazy, my younger brother is in jail, and my condo just starting leaking when it rains. Needless to say I’m feeling overwhelmed. But – there’s no time like the present, so here we go (again).


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