Not Quite Not Pregnant.

I got my BFP exactly one month ago today. This was simultaneously the fastest and worst month ever. I can’t believe a month went by. According to my beta this morning (beta #5 for those keeping score), I am still not quite un-pregnant. They want a beta less than 2, and mine was 6.5. I have to go back for beta #6 next Monday. I am fairly certain that the actual M/C process is completed. I still have some spotting – going on a month of spotting and/or bleeding, which has been awesome – but I think the worst is over. I have been craving nothing but red meat, so I’m guessing this last month has me a little anemic. I should probably get that checked out, but I am so sick of doctors, that I think I will just eat some cheeseburgers and be done with it.

They are assuming that my beta #6 will be less than 2, and I will be officially not pregnant (aka the same state I’ve spent the last 31 years, with the exception of April 2013). I would like to put this behind me, but I keep looking at the calendar at our tentative start date for the next round and it seems to be coming at me with lightning speed. I guess I will just try to take each day as it comes – but each day so far has felt pretty depressing. The next few weeks aren’t going to help the depression scale, since June 2nd is my 31st birthday. DH and I started TTC on my 29th birthday – so much for best laid plans.


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