Break = Over.

Wow, that was the fastest few months in history. As goes with all things fertility related, nothing goes according to plan, including breaks. As part of our break, we planned a 10-day trip to Europe. Of course, for like the 6th time in the last 2 1/2 years, I got AF on my own, 2 days before the trip. Since I now consult with the RE about every aspect of my existence, I called to see what to do. They decided that there’s no time like the present – and had me start BCP the day before we left for our trip. This pushed up our whole projected IVF cycle from late April/early May procedures to early April (!) Of course, my 30 year-old self wasn’t as keen on starting BCP as my 19 year-old self. I got extreme nausea the first 3 days and can now add myself to the ranks of those who’ve gotten airsick. Score. On the upside, it went away quickly and didn’t affect the trip. On the downside, DH and I both caught nasty colds on the trip and are only now (2+ weeks later) about 95% well.

That said, upon our return we had to kick it into IVF overdrive. All our remaining procedures, forms, and meetings had to be squeezed into the few days after we got back. Nothing too crazy, the mock transfer and hysteroscopy went well. I thought it might be strange to have to actual Dr. poking around in my lady bits, but so many people have done that by now that it was no big thang. Now I’m in the process of doing my stims. Turns out, it’s not super comfortable to grow a bunch of follicles at once. The last couple of days I’ve been feeling pretty sore (it’s day 5 of stims). They hope to tell me more about scheduling and everything after my monitoring appointment tomorrow. So for now, I am trying to just go with the flow, stay away from Google, and try not to think about all the shots I’m giving myself daily.




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