Time to Regroup.

After an extremely rough day yesterday (hello crying at my desk), I am trying to regroup. This is made more difficult by the husband having the stomach flu. It’s very tricky to quarantine someone within a 700 sf condo. Anyway, I spoke to the Dr. and got the list of preliminary steps for IVF. It’s a little intimidating, but it seems like once you start the first step – back on the pill I will go – the whole thing will progress quickly. It’s a 6-8 week process when all is said and done. We’re definitely taking a break and hopefully going on vacation. I think we’re looking at starting things up again in mid-late March. That gives me a solid 6 weeks of caffeine and alcohol and I plan to take full advantage. There has to be some upside, right?

I have a lot of complicated feelings about IVF. When we first started down the road of REs, I thought that I wouldn’t do IVF. I wasn’t comfortable with the drugs and potential unknown long-term side effects. I still don’t feel great about that, but this IF thing is a slippery slope. Each thing you try inches you closer to IVF and before you know it, you’ve done almost all of those drugs already – so why not go all the way. I am also a little nervous about the anesthesia. With the exception of Novocaine at the dentist, I’ve avoided it for 3 decades. Then there’s the aforementioned fear factor – what if it doesn’t work. I think that ever since our first meeting with our first RE, I knew we’d end up here, but I was really hoping it was my normal pessimism and not our actual path.

In the coming days we plan to lock down our travel schedule and call the Dr. back to discuss the timing for this thing. Until then, I plan to consume all the coffee, wine, and beer I can find (not really, but a girl can dream…)


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